Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Fall Headbands

Despite my giant hiatus from the blog, I'm still alive and still crafting. Thought I'd share a few new pretties from my shop. It's all about leaves and glitter 'round here. I think these new pieces are perfect for colder days and nights out on the town. They would also be perfect for New Years Eve when you need some extra glitter!
Each piece is one-of-a-kind and ready to go right here in shop
Happy Fall friends. 

p.s. Many thanks to my LOVELY sister for being a most beautiful model for me. I get tired of shooting myself sometimes and now that we live in the same city (at LONG last) I can use her pretty head for all my pieces! Yippee!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Prettiness

Time to sweep up the cob webs and open the curtains around here. Fern & Flora's become a bit stale and sleepy as of late. I've been absent for months, working away on getting settled into our new house, painting walls, washing diapers, keeping Little O from getting into toddler predicaments with his new found walking freedom, and hours and hours (or so it seems) making breakfast and cleaning it up. Making lunch and cleaning it up... making dinner... Does anyone else feel like that? Like you live in the kitchen? Like there's nary a moment for anything other than washing dishes and sweeping the floor? I think I need to stream line a bit more, clean as I go, that sort of thing. Maybe I'll post more on this later, and if you have tricks or insights into this live-in-the-kitchen problem, let me know please.

Anyway, I'm loving  Pinterest more than ever these days. So many pretty things to see and try and cook and do. Here are a few tid bits for your Monday:

Coconut flour crepes. Don't these look heavenly - and they're gluten free. We're getting a little weary of eggs and toast around here so a batch of crepes might be just the thing this week! 

Loving the caramels, browns, grays and creams of this ensemble. Anthropologie rocks the fall wardrobe yet again

Isn't this illustraion by Julianna Swaney pretty? I often say this very thing - all will be well. I could do better at believing it sometimes, because it is true. 

What a room this is. The gray rug, gold coffee table, hints of green, pop of rhubarb and turquoise. It's pretty much perfect with that pale pink sofa as the star. It's elegant with a dash of quirk. That's what I want for my living room too... 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

If I Had a Garden (and I might some day)...

At last spring has arrived and with it, my thoughts turn to gardening. We are in the midst of a very slow process (too many hang ups to count) of buying a house and so I'm dreaming of all the lovely flowers and shrubs I would plant...if only I was there to do it. 

....there will be peonies in dark fuchsia, light wispy pink and maybe white too... 

...Bleeding Heart. It's so woodsy and wild looking. My sweet old piano teacher had them rambling in her overgrown and unkempt back yard I used to roam around while my sister took her lesson. Good memories.

...Daffodils. Preferably, thousands - like what Tasha Tudor had going in her Vermont garden. I think I've seen the bulbs in bags of 40 at garden centers. Wonder how Ike will take it when I tell him I need 25 bags and an army of friends to help me plant them... 

....Grape hyacinth. Ditto on the quantity thing for these beauties. I think they look best en mass....

...Forsythia. My parents' neighborhood is full of them and they are becoming a favorite. I especially like the ones that people don't obsessively trim and shape but look sort of spiky and branchy. I would let mine go all Dr. Seuss for sure... 

I could keep on posting, but the wee lad just work up and is having an off day - a fever due to teething, poor babe. It seems extra cruel to ignore his little whimpers while I merrily post  away. To be continued! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bright Spots

Ike started his new job this week, which is, of course fantastic and wonderful. Having consistent income is quite a help, isn't it? Anyway, it's back to me and the kiddo now. We were spoiled for three months to have the pops around and let me tell ya, he was incredible. He fed and played with O, read to him, helped with baths, cleaned up the kitchen after meals, put the kiddo to bed so I could meet up with girlfriends, etc. etc. Needless to say, it's been a transition for me this week too. I'm more tired than usual doing the things that I did by myself for the first nine months of O's life. It's all good though, because just being able to stay home and play and laugh and make messes and go for walks with my little man is pretty much the best. Plus, his naps have really taken a turn for the better, and that just makes we so very happy. And he's cute too - so that helps everything.

Another bright spot this week was getting to spend a little sister time with Darb - my older sis. I found this fantastic estate sale online - I mean I really cool one, like every thing looked like it was straight off the set of Mad Men. So we hit it up and I scored this sassy faux leopard ottoman for $20. My sister is also a stay-at-homer, so she's generally available to zip out, should the opportunity present itself, which again, makes me happy. Let's hear it for junking on short notice with cool people. 

Lastly, the sun finally showed itself this week. Pretty much for the first three weeks of being back home (and away from the constant sunshine Denver provides) it  was gray, cold and rainy. I like that kind of weather here and there, but 10 days in a row? I'll pass. Yesterday it was 69 degrees with clear skies, so I packed up the babe and out we went. It felt so good to push him around and chat back and forth about what we saw - the birds, the grass, the flowers. He would grunt and coo and point and mumble back and forth with me  while we strolled and it did both of us quite a bit of good. 

And those are my bright spots this week. What were yours? 

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Still Here (and a lot has happened!)

Since my last post, we have moved to another state, are staying with my parents, my husband landed a great job, we are in the process of buying a house and most exciting of all, baby O turned one! Phew. Now I need a nap. Despite the tiredness we're all experiencing, we are happy and well and grateful for all the good things that have happened in the last three weeks. 
Here's a peek at the little one's party we had last weekend. There was family, cupcakes and lots of lovely presents. Despite the lack of captured smiles from the kiddo, he had a splendid time and a good long nap once the festivities wound down:

I gave a new healthy recipe a try for Ollie's cupcakes: Gluten and grain free almond, lemon and blueberry. Pictured on the round box with the lavender colored frosting, they were moist, flavorful and a big hit all around, thankfully. I've never baked with blanched almond flour before, but let me tell ya - it makes a mean baked good and I'm going to start keeping it on hand. Here's the link for the cupcakes if you'd like to give it a go. 

No party's complete at our house without a handmade garland of some kind... 

The birthday boy and his proud parents

Both grandma's stand by while the babe enjoys his birthday treats

Giving the turtle toy a test drive

Horsing around with the cousins. 

More updates to come! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Life Lately

The Babe:
This kiddo is getting more and more mobile and more and more vocal and fun too. He loves hanging in the laundry room and cruising between the laundry basket, hamper and washer and dryer. He will be 11 months old in about a week. Holy Cow. 

The Workout:
Nope. Not me here. Wish it was - especially the beach part. Anyway, the husband and I have been doing yoga lately at night after the babe goes down. Long have I read about the myriad of benefits that it provides and I have felt more relaxed yet energized after a workout. It's also been challenging though - particularly because all the workouts listed under "begginers yoga" in our cable package fitness section are wicked advanced and not for novices like us. Although we try to remain calm, focused and mindful, we end up laughing a lot and swearing under our breaths as we try and figure out the poses and how the heck two not-very-flexible-people like us can learn this stuff. I'll keep you posted on how it develops. 

The Eats:
Ok people. This avocado dip/dressing is so freaking tasty and completely healthy! It takes about 5 minutes to whip up and I've been slathering it on pretty much everything I can think of: salads, chicken, tortilla chips, etc. All you need is:
2 avocados
lime juice
balsamic vinegar
sea salt
garlic powder
I love it because I pretty much have all these ingredients on hand all the time. I found the recipe on Eat, Lift and be Happy's Blog. Click here for the full recipe.

The Guilty Pleasure:
Heaven help me. This show is so ridiculous  But I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. It's wrong on so, so many levels and I truly feel guilty about being sort of addicted and I know I get more dumb every time I watch but whatever. I know you're all watching with me... 
Oh. And I'm not pleased with the two remaining women, are you? Didn't see AshLee drama coming at all. I was cheering for Dez. She was the most authentic and fun. Not like any of the relationships would last for more than five minutes after the show's over, but hey... 

The Craft:
I've been dabbling in a few different things lately. I made a bunch of small tissue flower bouquets for a fundraiser last month and now I'm on a tissue flower kick again. They're so simple to make and so pretty that I thought I might add some to my bridal shop which is in major need of some new product. I think they'd be fun to use as bridesmaids bouquets.... 

I've also been puttering around with jewelry - incorporating fabric and vintage beads and things... Pink is sort of my favorite color at the moment. I think it has something to do with the impending arrival of Spring. The ruffle necklace above is available in my shop now....

And Lastly---The MOVE:
2013 has proved to be in interesting year. My husband's job was eliminated and we sold our house (that we just bought and fixed up a year and half ago) in a matter of a month. We had been pondering and discussing a move back home to the Midwest to be closer to family since the arrival of the babe. When we found out about my husband's job, we decided that was the nudge we needed to actually make it happen. We sold our house the day after we listed it (Thank you God) and now it's packing time. We move in just three little weeks and will be living with my folks while we look for a new home. 
Leaving Colorado will not be easy for us. First, there's the climate. It's dry here and sunny year 'round. We get snow one day and it's gone the next. There's virtually no humidity and the bugs are much less of an annoyance than they are back home. 300 days of sunshine. Sigh. I'm gonna miss that. I need the sun. I really do. I think I probably have Seasonal Affect Disorder or something because I start to feel the emotional drain after a few days of gray. Colorado weather helped my SAD tremendously. Second, we're 45 minutes from the glorious Rocky Mountains. Don't think I need to explain that one. Thirdly, we have some incredibly fun, kind, generous, creative and lovely friends here. This is the part I will miss the most. I remember when we moved out here almost six years ago. I cried on the way out, knowing I would miss family and our life back home so much.  Now, it truly feels like home to me in a myriad of ways and I know I will cry all the way back. Change is funny like that, huh? 

So that's my life lately. Lots going on. Lots to be hopeful about and good things to come I'm sure. 
What's going on with you?? 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Goodie Swap

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I thought I'd share what I put together for a Valentine Goodie Swap I signed up for last month. 
Allie over at Be Up & Doing organized the swap and so I got the name and address of my gal and put some happy treats together for her and packaged it up all pretty and festive.
She'll be getting a small tissue paper flower bouquet tied with bakers twine and a tiny note... 
...a handmade Valentine, magnet clothespins, a chocolate bar made here in Colorado, and a little Valentine-embellished candle... 

I hope she likes it! I had a lovely time putting it all together. I'm anticipating a goodie box of my own any day and will share the contents when it arrives. 

Hope your day is sweet. 
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