Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I like this: Foxglove

Ever since I happened across these glorious Foxglove plants at Albertson's grocery store (of all places -who knew Albertson's was carrying high quality affordable perennials?!), I've been thinking about gardening and how much fun it will be to have a back yard where I can create some perennial beds. My mom and I used to work together to beautify my parents' flower beds back home but it's been a while - too long actually, since I've done any planting of my own and if the house we're hoping to purchase, becomes a reality, you'll know where to find me...

Anyway, Foxglove has been a favorite cottage garden flower of mine ever since I got into English gardens, back when I was about 15 thanks to movies like Emma (the one with Gwyneth Paltrow, where Mrs. Bates has a lovely garden outside her humble cottage), magazines like Victoria (Remember that one? I think it's back in publication now actually... ) and my late, great Uncle Steve. 

Here's some foxglove inspiration for you: 

Do you have a favorite garden flower at the moment? 


  1. oh wow... well now I think I like Foxglove too! Image #2 is my favorite. xo!

  2. they are pretty-great photos too :)
    i always like lupines, lavender and roses....

  3. hey lovely! yes, vacation was indeed amazing and I've now fully caught a grip and am on to planning the next one (some time away!)

    Our garden is in a bad way - basic neglect really, made worse by 4 months of (non garden friendly) builders! But...apart from lots of green, we DO have three foxgloves! I love them too.

    Also love a rambling rose (have a pink one that will bloom despite our neglect!) and lavender. Anything cottage'y!

    I feel the need you have for your own outside space and know that when you get it you will cherish every inch!
    fee x

  4. Oh my, the last picture is amazing!

  5. Ooh such lovely pictures. Whilst on our walk yesterday we noticed loads of gorgeous foxgloves which we would probably have usually just wandered on past, so thankyou for brightening up our day!
    Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog,
    Nelly xxx

  6. So pretty...I do love foxglove too...all those old fashion grandma garden flowers make my heart sing. HUGS


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