Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here and There and Everywhere

I wish I could say that this was of my little one, but it's not. Just a photo I found today as we're laying low at home on a snowy day and recovering from a whirlwind trip to South Carolina for my sister's graduation. A good and celebratory time was had by all but we are TIRED. Phew. Long flights. Long waits. Long drives. Short sleeps - all with an 8 month old make for one weary clan.

And can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner?! We have but a few more days to gear up, wind down, sleep, do laundry, shop and then pack for our Christmas trip to Seattle. We're so happy to get to spend some quality time with my husband's family. They've promised lots of game playing, cozy fires and warm drinks. Works for me. 

How are you feeling these days about Christmas and the end of the year? Is your shopping done? Will you be traveling or staying in this season? 

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