Monday, August 29, 2011

In My New Backyard

Even though they've dropped by the thousands on the ground in our new backyard, I'm still really happy for the lovely crab apple tree that lives outside my kitchen window. The fruit is such a deep and earthy color and after my mom (while visiting a few weekends ago) just picked one off the tree and started munching, I realized that I too like the tart and crunchy goodness of a crab apple. Now I'm googling recipes for pies and jellies and wondering if I'll have any time this fall to take advantage of the bounty before the cold hits. Have you ever cooked with crab apples??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Country Loveliness and A Nice Surprise

Just had to share this well-edited and artfully crafted treasury that I found on Etsy today from Lepun. She captured  such pretty elements of country life, giving city dwellers like me, some inspiration. Check out her adorable jewelry shop at the link above while you're at it... 

In other news, I just had a nice little thing happen! The lovely Koralee over at Blue Bird Notes, just informed me that I was the fortunate winner of her "Autumn with Matthew Mead" Magazine giveaway! Yippee! This was just the pick-me-up I needed during a week of packing, cleaning and general craziness. Thank you Koralee! 
Autumn is my most favorite season so I can't wait to get my paws on this baby... 

Like what you see? Order your own copy right here

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Life Right Now

This is about the way things are looking at my house right now, except I don't look as cute as the girl in the picture.  Wearing make up and decent looking clothes is a thing of the past. It's been nothin but grubbies and dry-wall-dust encrusted-hair and skin. Makes a girl feel really pretty, I tell ya. Actually, it means progress is being made and indeed it is. The kitchen no longer looks quite like a war zone. The cruddy flooring and counter tops are up and out and the ugly (and impractical) wall with the hideous built-ins is down. There's new flooring to be installed, the counter tops (hooray for Martha Stewart's gorgeous"Sea Salt" Solid Surface! Love you Martha) have been ordered and we've lined up a posse of capable (and oh-so-kind) friends to help us with the big move on Saturday. No rest for the weary. Back to packing for me... And how are you? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remembering the past and looking forward

 I'm thinking of my dear late Uncle Steve who passed away 6 years ago this week. Without his influence, I most likely wouldn't be crafting or working with flowers or aware of Merchant Ivory films, or the greatness of Pavarotti and Puccini. He was one of the funniest people I've ever known as well as one of the most creative and the time I was fortunate enough to spend with him in jr high and high school was incredibly formative for me. We miss and love you Uncle Steve and will see you again some sweet day... 
In other news, I'm looking forward to the (hopefully) fast approaching day when Ike and I get to move into our new place! We were doing demo all last weekend and most of this week with my INCREDIBLY HARD WORKING AND AMAZING parents. It's been hot (the AC decided to stop working for no apparent reason) and it's been SO dirty and grimy as the men took down an extremely complicated wall full of built-ins and electrical (anything that can go wrong will!). Meanwhile, mom and I bashed to bits the ugly counter top tiles, back splash and flooring (I'm rather proud of the pic of me wielding the power drill!) whilst helping the men folk by hauling away chunks of dry wall and studs and keeping them hydrated with Simply Lemonade and bottles and bottles of water. 

That's the update from my corner of the world. I may not surface for a bit as there's still mountains of work at the new place to be done and a house full of crap to pack up at the old place... Upward and onward! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Etsy Love: Larka Designs

Take a look at the charming and sweet accessories by Holly at Larka Designs. I was fortunate to get to know Holly a bit after we moved to Colorado and she is a lovely (and super cute) woman and I'm really happy for her new handmade goodies... 

This happy bear pin just kills me. Oh the whimsy!

Love this funky and sleek leather necklace. 

Holly also uses the screen printing process in some of her creations. I'm thinking there's not much she can't do... 
Check out all of her goodies right here (and buy some too!)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Market Recap

Well hello. Nice to see you. My blogging has been so sporadic lately with all the other life events going on (buying a house, a family wedding, my sis and nephews visiting) but at least I can say my priorities have been in the right place, eh? 

Despite the blazing, miserable heat, we survived the Horseshoe Market on Saturday and met some fabulous people and sold some stuff too. With temps in the high 90s though, the usual excitement wasn't there for me. It was more of an endurance test. Oh well. Lesson learned. No outdoor markets in August. Ever. Thanks though, to many lovely  friends who stopped by and cheered us with your presence (and purchases!). 

Now my attention shifts to the new house and the packing and moving of every last thing I own. 
Jesus take the wheel. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Very Big Day

Celebrate good times - come on! That's right friends. It's a big day for us: 

1. Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary. (where does the time go?)
2. We are finally, really truly closing on our house today. Yes!!
3. My sis and little nephews are in town for a visit and will spend the night at our place. Sleep over! 

I think it's really sweet that Ike decided to buy me a house for our anniversary. He really outdid himself this year. Sweet man. Pictures will no doubt follow soon. 

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