Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Frivolity!

Don't you think you deserve it? I know my friend Kara does. She pretty much worked 33 hours in the last three days (hate that mandatory over-time, love the pay check, right?), so sister, treat yourself! And that goes for the rest of you too! So what's it gonna be?
Ice cream?
A nap?
I soak in the tub?
A glass of wine on the porch?
A magazine splurge in the check-out line?
Whatever it is, I hope it makes your Friday.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Etsy Love & Giveaway Extension!

Hello Dearies! Today I bring you a fun and funky Etsy shop from Germany: Spacejams Vintage.
For many moons this sweet vintage clock from Spacejams sat on my favorites list until my sister sent it to me for my birthday!!! Thanks again Kel. I LOVE it.

Here are a few more sassy pieces from Spacejams:

In other news, I am extending my CSN giveaway until Monday, August 2!
Hop on over to the above link and add your name to the mix of potential winners of the $40 gift certificate to any one of thousands of home good items!

Happy Thursday friends.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You're Invited!

I'm happily anticipating a boutique I'm hosting this weekend with my friends Kara of Kara Rosenberry Co and Kayla of Whimsy Lou! It's going to be a lovely afternoon with all sorts of tempting goodies to look at, purchase and eat! If you would like more details, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to give you the scoop!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Giveaway For You!

Hello friends. Did you have a nice weekend? Did you do fun and summery things?
My weekend included a trip to the farmer's market, a few walks, a lazy brunch and a lovely evening on the patio with some friends. But before I get carried away, let us focus on the task (or rather the treat) at hand: A lovely giveaway from CSN Stores! With over 200 websites and a variety of tempting products from dinnerware to Dwell bedding (swoon!) and everything in between, finding something fabulous will not be a problem! Here are a few of my favorites....

Isn't that french press with pink accents cute? And that petal-covered pillow?!

To throw your name in the hopper to win the $40 gift certificate to be spent on any of the CSN websites: 

1. Leave a comment telling me what sort of home goods item your heart desires at the moment.
(for example: fresh bedding, pretty throw pillows, a shiny new food processor or perhaps a handy electric juicer. This shouldn't be hard!)

2. For an additional entry, follow my blog and leave a comment saying that you've done so.

3. For TWO additional entries, blog about this giveaway and comment with your blog link.

The lucky winner will be announced Monday, August 2! Best of luck and thank you!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hooray and Giveaway!

Well kids, we've made it to Friday. Yes indeed. And it's July which means there's lots to do and see this weekend wherever you are:
Farmer's markets.
Music in the park.
Laying by the pool.
Picking berries.
Making ice cream.
Flying a kite.
Napping in a hammock.
Eating. Eating. Eating.

It's going to be a nice weekend, isn't it?

And Oh! Please swing on by Monday to check out a lovely giveaway I'm preparing! If you like to cook or bake, you won't want to miss it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Love: Whimsy Lou

Attention friends! Today I bring you Whimsy Lou, a sweet new Etsy shop that's chocked full of vintage home wares and handmade goodies by my sassy friend Kayla. This girl has a wicked eye for the cute, the reusable, the retro and the whimsical and her photography skills aren't too shabby either.

This cake stand is actually a few pieces layered on top of each other. Clever, no?

Love this cute vintage pocket mirror and the children's book she used as a prop behind it.

Looking for some pretty magnets? I will take all of these and that funky blue suitcase!

Welcome to Etsy Kayla and here's to Whimsy Lou and many, many sales!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Featured Headband: Light and Summery

It has been a while since I featured one of my hair accessories on my blog, so today I bring you a recent addition to my Etsy shop. I think this piece would be perfect for a summer bride or for an engagement shoot!

My sister sent me these pretty vintage shell-looking flower beads from a favorite source back home. I like the bit of texture they add.

Take a peek at the rest of my offerings right here!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cookies & Milk

I love a good (gluten-full) cookie and much to my happiness, gluten doesn't seem to be bothering my tummy anymore after about a year of going gluten-free. My life is much less stressful than it was a year ago and I suspect that has something to do with my happy belly. What better way to really test the waters than to make a batch of soft and chewy white chocolate chip cookies? They were oh-so-tasty with a glass of milk. Isaac and I nibbled them up in record time. I wish I would have had some macadamia nuts to accompany the white chocolate but they were still delish.

In the mood for a really chewy cookie? Give this recipe a try. It calls for a little less butter which keeps them softer and just be sure you don't let these little gems bake for longer than 12 minutes. Happy cookie and milking!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy House Monday

One of my most favorite light-hearted-watch-it-while-crafting-or-anytime-movies is You've Got Mail. It's charming and funny and Meg Ryan's character lives in the most cozy and comfy brownstone ever. Despite the fact that the movie was released 12 years ago, I think her lovely abode has a timeless charm.

Look at that beautiful window, the ornate woodwork and those pretty prints....

Mmm. Love that big sunny window and that chipped farm table...

That checked floor and those french doors ooze charm.

The mish mash of painted and natural wood pieces and comfy sofa and chairs create such a warm and eclectic feeling.

Do you have any favorite movie houses??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

Hello Dearies. It's Friday again! Mmmmm. Yes it is. I do believe it's going to be a good weekend. Tomorrow is my birthday and even though I'm not huge about tooting my own birthday horn, I found this adorable birthday picture that I had to post and it's Friday and I'm expecting some shoes I ordered online to arrive today (yippee!) and tomorrow my husband is spending the day with me in Boulder and it's just going to be lovely all around - toot toot! 
What are you feeling happy about today?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Etsy Love: Decoylab

Every Thursday I like to feature another Etsy seller of which I am particularly fond. Today I bring you the cheerful work of Decoylab. Based in Kansas City, Decoylab is an Etsy vet with over three years of Etsy experience and loads of sales of their adorable (and affordable) clocks and other accessories. I will take one of each please.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fern & Flora Wednesday

About a month ago I had the pleasure of making three hair pieces for an adorable bride. A birdcage, funky yellow flower with little pearls and a sunny rosette headband all went in a box with a yellow ribbon for Joelle
 (You can read about her fun wedding details here)

I knew the pieces would be darling on this petite brunette, but I didn't know just how lovely it would be until I saw these beautiful photos by Colorado photographer Chad Morgan.

Isn't she lovely? And aren't they so cute together?

In related news, I've been widdling away on new bridal pieces which are now available in my Etsy shop, so hop on over and take a peek! And if you happen to know any brides looking for custom handmade and/or vintage inspired hair accessories, I would be incredibly grateful if you sent them my way! Thank you kindly dear friends.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthdays at Bistro Vendome

My friend Kara and I share the same birthday month and so it was only fitting to grab our guys this past weekend and enjoy a birthday brunch at a place we have long discussed patronizing together: Bistro Vendome.

Not only was the food and conversation lovely, they also have a charming patio with urns full of herbs and lots of nice shade trees - the perfect spot to enjoy fresh croissants and hot french press coffee.

Les Filles d'Anniversaire
(the birthday girls)

French press with lumps of raw sugar and cream.

The croissants were served with homemade lavender jelly and citrus jam.

 Bill, Kara's beau threw in an order of pomme frites at the last minute. A truly brilliant move. They were AMAZING.

I enjoyed this beautiful quiche made of egg custard, black truffles, smoked ham and scallions.

Isaac had the eggs benedict with salmon and capers.

Kara's entree.

When our pleasant waiter (Roger) heard we were celebrating our birthdays, he brought us a complimentary flight of ice cream and sorbet: a spicy Moroccan chocolate, wildflower honey and a cassis sorbet. It was the perfect light and tasty ending to our divine brunch. Merci Roger.

And then there were presents!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Hello there friends. Time for another poke around someone elses charming abode. Come along, won't you?

Today I bring you some bright and fresh photos of designer Kirsten Voortman's Amsterdam digs. If I were single, I would have more bright pink in my house - just about as much as Kirsten has. I try to keep the girly quotient under control because my husband is atmospherically minded and won't keep his opinion to himself when the florals or feminine elements begin creeping in the house more than he might like. But back to pink.
Don't you love the way she incorporates it ? It's just enough I think. (and isn't her pup sweet?)

I love that pink ladder...

P.S. Her place is available for a house swap - like that movie The Holiday. What are the odds that Jude Law is her brother and will show up at the door? (not a huge Jude fan, but what can I say, I liked him in that movie.)
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