Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Life Lately

The Babe:
This kiddo is getting more and more mobile and more and more vocal and fun too. He loves hanging in the laundry room and cruising between the laundry basket, hamper and washer and dryer. He will be 11 months old in about a week. Holy Cow. 

The Workout:
Nope. Not me here. Wish it was - especially the beach part. Anyway, the husband and I have been doing yoga lately at night after the babe goes down. Long have I read about the myriad of benefits that it provides and I have felt more relaxed yet energized after a workout. It's also been challenging though - particularly because all the workouts listed under "begginers yoga" in our cable package fitness section are wicked advanced and not for novices like us. Although we try to remain calm, focused and mindful, we end up laughing a lot and swearing under our breaths as we try and figure out the poses and how the heck two not-very-flexible-people like us can learn this stuff. I'll keep you posted on how it develops. 

The Eats:
Ok people. This avocado dip/dressing is so freaking tasty and completely healthy! It takes about 5 minutes to whip up and I've been slathering it on pretty much everything I can think of: salads, chicken, tortilla chips, etc. All you need is:
2 avocados
lime juice
balsamic vinegar
sea salt
garlic powder
I love it because I pretty much have all these ingredients on hand all the time. I found the recipe on Eat, Lift and be Happy's Blog. Click here for the full recipe.

The Guilty Pleasure:
Heaven help me. This show is so ridiculous  But I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. It's wrong on so, so many levels and I truly feel guilty about being sort of addicted and I know I get more dumb every time I watch but whatever. I know you're all watching with me... 
Oh. And I'm not pleased with the two remaining women, are you? Didn't see AshLee drama coming at all. I was cheering for Dez. She was the most authentic and fun. Not like any of the relationships would last for more than five minutes after the show's over, but hey... 

The Craft:
I've been dabbling in a few different things lately. I made a bunch of small tissue flower bouquets for a fundraiser last month and now I'm on a tissue flower kick again. They're so simple to make and so pretty that I thought I might add some to my bridal shop which is in major need of some new product. I think they'd be fun to use as bridesmaids bouquets.... 

I've also been puttering around with jewelry - incorporating fabric and vintage beads and things... Pink is sort of my favorite color at the moment. I think it has something to do with the impending arrival of Spring. The ruffle necklace above is available in my shop now....

And Lastly---The MOVE:
2013 has proved to be in interesting year. My husband's job was eliminated and we sold our house (that we just bought and fixed up a year and half ago) in a matter of a month. We had been pondering and discussing a move back home to the Midwest to be closer to family since the arrival of the babe. When we found out about my husband's job, we decided that was the nudge we needed to actually make it happen. We sold our house the day after we listed it (Thank you God) and now it's packing time. We move in just three little weeks and will be living with my folks while we look for a new home. 
Leaving Colorado will not be easy for us. First, there's the climate. It's dry here and sunny year 'round. We get snow one day and it's gone the next. There's virtually no humidity and the bugs are much less of an annoyance than they are back home. 300 days of sunshine. Sigh. I'm gonna miss that. I need the sun. I really do. I think I probably have Seasonal Affect Disorder or something because I start to feel the emotional drain after a few days of gray. Colorado weather helped my SAD tremendously. Second, we're 45 minutes from the glorious Rocky Mountains. Don't think I need to explain that one. Thirdly, we have some incredibly fun, kind, generous, creative and lovely friends here. This is the part I will miss the most. I remember when we moved out here almost six years ago. I cried on the way out, knowing I would miss family and our life back home so much.  Now, it truly feels like home to me in a myriad of ways and I know I will cry all the way back. Change is funny like that, huh? 

So that's my life lately. Lots going on. Lots to be hopeful about and good things to come I'm sure. 
What's going on with you?? 

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