Friday, October 21, 2011

Fern & Flora Recommends

I generally don't like one-stop-super-giant retail stores for all the obvious reasons, but one thing I do love about them is the massive bin of $5 DVDs that are almost always plunked down in the main isle by the registers. I hit the adorable British cartoon jackpot earlier this week when I saw the BBC's Beatrix Potter and Friends DVD in said massive bin. My late Uncle Steve got us hooked on these utterly charming animated shows based on the books and I want to start a collection of my own for when we have little kiddos. There won't be any Sponge Bob Square Pants crap on at our house. No sir. BBC animation or bust.

Anywho, my favorite part of the series isn't the cartoons. It's the lovely beginning where Beatrice is out painting in the English country side and it starts to rain. She gathers her things and runs back to her stony little cottage, makes herself a cup of tea and starts writing letters, which then turns into the animated part. 

Maybe I'll be asking for the complete collection for Christmas... The Tailor of Gloucestershire makes for a lovely Christmas show... They're all available for purchase right here. And if you have little ones, take it from me, you need these!

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. We have these and you're right they're absolutely lovely. My kiddos love watching them. (and unfortunately all manner of spongebob rubbish too!)
    I love the opening sequences too and the music is so sweet.
    Your future little'uns will love them.

  2. Love the illustrations of these books! :-)


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