Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trinkets Make Me Happy

Oh the joys of rummaging through my little treasure chest of trinkets. I'm making oodles of headbands for the various holiday boutiques that my crafting friends and I are participating in and when the inspiration runs low, I always get a little thrill by poking around in my box of adornments. I ponder. I sort. I colorize. I imagine the potential of beads and feathers and velvet petals. I think about the time spent digging through dusty boxes and trays in the basements of junk shops and estate sales. I think about my sister Kelly, a loyal fellow trinket shopper and how we ooo and ahh over faded gold clip-ons and bags of coral colored beads in the shape of shells. I become so fond of certain pieces that I'm sort of sad to use them, knowing they'll more than likely be sold, which is in fact, the very reason I buy them. I become a nostalgic cheese over costume jewelry. What can I say? Trinkets make me happy.

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  1. okay these are lovely! this little montage makes me happy! xo!


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