Monday, May 10, 2010

Milk Glass Madness

Recently, my newly engaged sister-in-law stopped over in Denver on her way back to Seattle so we could have a couple of days to hash out wedding colors, flowers, invites and decor. We managed to get a tremendous amount of planning done over the course of two days.

As we talked about the sort of feel she wanted to acheive for her wedding we both agreed that we loved the idea of using gobs of milk glass containers for center pieces. Thus began a day long hunt of driving from thrift store to thrift store (something I love doing anyway) hunting for milk glass on the cheap. Let me tell ya - we hit the mother load! By the end of the day, we had nearly 60 pieces - urns, bud vases, large bowls, you name it. I will be filling all this white lovliness with bright pops of lemon, chartreuse and persimmon colored flowers for her summer wedding in a little less than two months.  

In the mean time, I continue to scoop up pieces that I come across while thrifting and am filling the vases with stolen lilac blooms I nabbed from the neighbor's hedge!


  1. wow, that was a major score! nice work! i love the idea of using milk glass in the centerpieces. i just recently snagged a milk glass vase & planter myself. they're lovely! i also nabbed some flowers from my neighbor's yard today - hah!!

  2. as you well know, I am know sharing in this obsession! xo!


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