Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eye Candy

One of the prettiest blogs this side of the Rio Grande is Oh Hello Friend. Danni (pictured above in her engagement photos! I die.) is the curator of this tastefully designed  and uber feminine site. Anytime I hop on over, there is always an assortment of things to appreciate. Plus, you can tell that Danni is just a honey. She has such a bright and gracious spirit (so I surmise via email correspondence). Here's where the shameless plug comes in. I thought to myself "if others adore this blog as much as I do, why don't I become a sponsor?" So I did! I spent about one-third if my Memorial Day devising the right banner for her blog and as of today, I'm oh-so-happy to see a link to my shop on Oh Hello Friend.


  1. hello and congrats! Your ad looks amazing! What great engagement photos too!


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