Friday, June 11, 2010

Treat Yourself

Hello friends. How was the week? Don't you think we should eat doughnuts today? I do. In fact, I'm thinking about taking it a step further and making some. Ealier this week I met a friend at starbucks for coffee and their little pink birthday party doughnuts all stacked on a pretty white plate have been haunting me ever since. I probably could have just had one... or two but I've already consumed enough gluten-full things this week. So! Thanks to the lovely food blog Cannelle et Vanille, I now have a gluten-free doughnut recipe. I will let you know how they turn out. And please, have yourself a doughnut and a very nice weekend.


  1. mmm that looks so yummy right now! they started selling mini-doughnuts at starbucks & my hubby and i always grab a few on our way to church every week - they are delicious!

  2. Love this photo and the caption! What a cute post! I will be happy to be a taste tester!

  3. So so so so doughnuts at our Canadian hoo...just know what it is probably a good thing. xoxoxoxoo Happy weekend and doughnut making sweet one.


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