Friday, February 10, 2012

New from Fern & Flora

New items you say? Surely not! That would be akin to well... a miracle. I know. I know. My little shop hasn't had any new offerings for quite sometime now. It has something to do with buying a house, not having a craft space, being pregnant and losing my creative mojo in the process. However! I'm slowly working on getting some fresh pieces in the shop so keep checking back! 

The gray piece above would be lovely for a bride or a wintery night out on the town, I think. I also added this lovely pink piece below which is made from vintage Swiss Dot fabric I found at an estate sale. It's so soft and feminine... 

If you're planning a  wedding, or know someone who is, I'm happily taking orders for custom bridal hair pieces. 
My email address is on the right side bar of my blog, so please, don't be shy! 

Happy weekend friends. 


  1. these are really pretty!
    they'd look wonderful for a wedding :)

  2. stunning! you may be rounding up nicely but I still see razor sharp cheek bones! Please eat more cake.
    If you are anything like me you'll be getting pinker by the minute....fighting all those male hormones!
    lots of love to you beautiful friend
    fee xxx

  3. These are so pretty...I love the little embellishments...hugs for a blissful Valentine's Day! xoxo

  4. Its so pretty and lovely. I like this wedding thing so much. Its very useful to every one. Its fantastic work.

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