Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happiness for $7

In a favorite film of mine, Enchanted April (watch it instantly on Netflix for a spring pick-me-up!), 
the stuffy and annoying husband of one of the winter-weary British housewives chides her for the fresh flowers on the table: "Lottie, flowers are an extravagance of the most blatant kind" he says. I couldn't disagree more. I'm now wondering why I don't buy cheap little grocery store bouquets more often? These cherry blossom-colored roses have been bringing me cheer on the dining table for a whole week and they were just $6.99. That's cheap therapy if ever I saw it. To make your bouquet last even longer, strip all the leaves off the stems and cut them at an angle. Keeping the leaves out of the water cuts down on bacteria and improves vase life. Plunge them into cool water (not cold) and they'll last for a good week if not longer. 


  1. i used to treat myself to flowers at the grocery store but haven't in awhile- they do look so nice and cheery :)
    p.s~thanks for stopping by... i do have smaller sized kindle sleeves -those are my favorite to make :)

  2. I love this post! What lovely colors and as usual your home looks so lovely! Love that little set of items together!

  3. Soooo very pretty my dear friend...hugs and love to you.

  4. Oh I am so pleased that I have found someone who loves Enchanted April as much as I do. It's my favourite movie of all time, I feel I could wish myself into that wonderful villa and walk down each day to lie in the sea. Heaven.


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