Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Baby is Born

Greetings Friends. Well, time flies when you have a baby! That's right. Our little man arrived healthy (but tiny) on April 9, weighing in around 5lbs. Ike and I are over the moon with the bundle and so grateful to be home. Including our stay after he was born, we were in the hospital for 27 days. Jesus take the wheel. Hope to never have to go through that again. As awful as those days were it, just like every one told me (and I found to be an annoying reminder) the emotional, dull and sometimes miserable weeks in the hospital were virtually forgotten once the babe arrived. He is perfect and well worth all we went through, let me tell you. 

Hopefully, I won't be a complete stranger here. I will do my best to get back in the groove with posting. In the mean time, how are you? 


  1. Awe!! Congrats Emily, he is beautiful.

  2. Welcome little one! You are very loved! Way to hold it down Em! You are an amazin mother!

  3. OH MY...he is AD.OR.ABLE Emily (and Ike of course)
    Congratulations to you both - and looking forward to hearing more about your special little guy.
    sending love across the water...fee x

  4. so, so precious!
    congratulations and take a rest from blogging to enjoy that dear!

  5. Oh HUGE, MASSIVE congrats to you both. He is totally amazing and so very, very beautiful.
    Enjoy all those lovely baby cuddles.

  6. aw, congratulations!! such a cutie :)


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