Friday, August 31, 2012

Flowery Friday

Last fall I was lucky enough to create wedding arrangements for a bride who wanted anemones in her bouquet.
I have long loved these black-eyed beauties, so it was a real treat to work them into a bridal bouquet. My personal feeling is that anemones are sweet, delicate and add a feminine but dramatic pop to floral designs, making them lovely and versatile.

Did you know?
Anemones are a perennial herb
Their name is derived from Greek meaning 'Wind flower' and represents anticipation
Anemones should be planted in the fall
The are available in whites, purples, reds and pinks




Feeling inspired from all this anemone talk? Why not make your own pretty paper version. The tutorial is right here from Craftberry Bush.


  1. It is gorgeous Emily!! Wow you are talented. I love anemones!

  2. oh so, so pretty. I love the black and white ones the best.
    good work, girl!

  3. wow-those are so pretty!
    thanks for sharing the tutorial link :)


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