Monday, August 27, 2012

My life lately

The Eats:
After reading a book on healthy eating and the importance of getting LOADS of raw veggies (and fruit), I've been making salads for dinner a lot. I also spend about half of each day washing kale, spinach, swiss chard and romaine. Eating healthy takes time, I tell ya! Anywho, I've been making batches of quinoa and slow cooking chicken early in the week and then adding greens, fruit, etc. It's been super fast and yummy too. Here's a mango, avocado, chicken, quinoa and romaine salad with a sweet chili dressing

The Treats:
After consuming lots of healthy stuff, like the aforementioned salad, we then bring on the sugar (NOT recommended in that book I read). But come on. Have you tried the Talenti Sorbetto and Gelato? So good! And they were two for $5 (I know!) at the market last week. 

The Craft:
I'm on a pendant necklace kick as of late. A couple of these pieces are already up for grabs in my shop and the others will soon make an appearance. I'm having a dandy ol' time in my craft room once the wee babe goes down for the night. I'm hoping to whip up lots more for the fall and holidays, so stay tuned. There may be a giveaway in there too... 

The Biz:
I haven't done much in the way of floral design since Baby O was born and that's fine with me. My sole job these days is to keep his tummy full and his little bum clean, which I really find quite rewarding. I said no to a few weddings this spring and summer but thought I could probably swing one at the end of this month since our little pumpkin is now 4.5 months old (what?!). 

These arrangements were for a small wedding in the mountains. It was a bit of a juggling act this past weekend - trying to process and arrange flowers while stopping every so often to nurse the babe and do all the other stuff a new mom does. I owe my success to Ike, who gave baths, changed diapers, made meals, did nap duty and helped me load the car, pin corsages and hang arrangements on site. I've got myself a good man. A very good man. 

The Babe:
Here's my little man pondering the best use for this deep purple carnation. Actually he's staring into space, I think. 
Ike would bring him down to me from time to time for a little visit while I was arranging the flowers. Love that munchkin. Love 'em.

And that's my life lately in order of importance (the most important of course being Baby O).


  1. Looks like life is good! Hooray for healthy eating!! I don't know if you've seen on my blog but I've changed my eating habits for the better too. What is this book you read? I've been trying to eat more raw veggies too.. Almost always have salads for lunch. Maybe I'll add some quinoa and chicken to a salad for dinner tonight.. Yum!

  2. hello hello! You have been busy my dear. I love the photos on this blog and love your life lately. LOVE those pendants. that long one is my favorite. I may need to try that one on. Little O is such a dear. love him. have a great week!


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