Friday, April 26, 2013

Bright Spots

Ike started his new job this week, which is, of course fantastic and wonderful. Having consistent income is quite a help, isn't it? Anyway, it's back to me and the kiddo now. We were spoiled for three months to have the pops around and let me tell ya, he was incredible. He fed and played with O, read to him, helped with baths, cleaned up the kitchen after meals, put the kiddo to bed so I could meet up with girlfriends, etc. etc. Needless to say, it's been a transition for me this week too. I'm more tired than usual doing the things that I did by myself for the first nine months of O's life. It's all good though, because just being able to stay home and play and laugh and make messes and go for walks with my little man is pretty much the best. Plus, his naps have really taken a turn for the better, and that just makes we so very happy. And he's cute too - so that helps everything.

Another bright spot this week was getting to spend a little sister time with Darb - my older sis. I found this fantastic estate sale online - I mean I really cool one, like every thing looked like it was straight off the set of Mad Men. So we hit it up and I scored this sassy faux leopard ottoman for $20. My sister is also a stay-at-homer, so she's generally available to zip out, should the opportunity present itself, which again, makes me happy. Let's hear it for junking on short notice with cool people. 

Lastly, the sun finally showed itself this week. Pretty much for the first three weeks of being back home (and away from the constant sunshine Denver provides) it  was gray, cold and rainy. I like that kind of weather here and there, but 10 days in a row? I'll pass. Yesterday it was 69 degrees with clear skies, so I packed up the babe and out we went. It felt so good to push him around and chat back and forth about what we saw - the birds, the grass, the flowers. He would grunt and coo and point and mumble back and forth with me  while we strolled and it did both of us quite a bit of good. 

And those are my bright spots this week. What were yours? 


  1. Hope things go well as you settle into your new routine! A great estate sale is always so much fun!~

  2. oh those little pansies are so sweet!

  3. pouting about the estate sale finds. So glad you and Darby are able to do that together. Still pouting tho. (Great finds!)

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