Thursday, May 9, 2013

If I Had a Garden (and I might some day)...

At last spring has arrived and with it, my thoughts turn to gardening. We are in the midst of a very slow process (too many hang ups to count) of buying a house and so I'm dreaming of all the lovely flowers and shrubs I would plant...if only I was there to do it. 

....there will be peonies in dark fuchsia, light wispy pink and maybe white too... 

...Bleeding Heart. It's so woodsy and wild looking. My sweet old piano teacher had them rambling in her overgrown and unkempt back yard I used to roam around while my sister took her lesson. Good memories.

...Daffodils. Preferably, thousands - like what Tasha Tudor had going in her Vermont garden. I think I've seen the bulbs in bags of 40 at garden centers. Wonder how Ike will take it when I tell him I need 25 bags and an army of friends to help me plant them... 

....Grape hyacinth. Ditto on the quantity thing for these beauties. I think they look best en mass....

...Forsythia. My parents' neighborhood is full of them and they are becoming a favorite. I especially like the ones that people don't obsessively trim and shape but look sort of spiky and branchy. I would let mine go all Dr. Seuss for sure... 

I could keep on posting, but the wee lad just work up and is having an off day - a fever due to teething, poor babe. It seems extra cruel to ignore his little whimpers while I merrily post  away. To be continued! 


  1. cannot wait to stroll with you someday thru your garden! it will be lovely for sure!

  2. Hi Emily! I live in the city, but i wish I could see more beautiful sites like this.

    Grape hyacinth is definitely my favourite.


  3. Small green thumb craving satisfaction(@ least works with bulbous plants: if you have some of those jam glass jars (no larger than 250-500 mill) especially odd looking ones/or any other H2O tight container would do (even ready to recycle Fiji drnkng water bttle)/ bag of small dcrtive grvle rocks/ bulbs: snowdrops, dafdls, frape hiacnts (love the way they smell-Dnvr Btncl Grdn is full of them now), tullips/ cover bulbs with grvl rocks leaving abt 1/3 to 1/4 above surface, water but not too much, on the table or window they ll be blooming in 5-7 days:-)))) Happy Spring from Denver: Ari/Elina/CATs

  4. For teething: some natural remedies -gel from Vitamin Cottage by Natural Grccrs, it works:-)

  5. I so adore all of these flowers too...I am waiting for my Peonies to bloom this year..for some reason they didn't last year!
    Have a great weekend my sweet friend. xoxo


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