Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Prettiness

Time to sweep up the cob webs and open the curtains around here. Fern & Flora's become a bit stale and sleepy as of late. I've been absent for months, working away on getting settled into our new house, painting walls, washing diapers, keeping Little O from getting into toddler predicaments with his new found walking freedom, and hours and hours (or so it seems) making breakfast and cleaning it up. Making lunch and cleaning it up... making dinner... Does anyone else feel like that? Like you live in the kitchen? Like there's nary a moment for anything other than washing dishes and sweeping the floor? I think I need to stream line a bit more, clean as I go, that sort of thing. Maybe I'll post more on this later, and if you have tricks or insights into this live-in-the-kitchen problem, let me know please.

Anyway, I'm loving  Pinterest more than ever these days. So many pretty things to see and try and cook and do. Here are a few tid bits for your Monday:

Coconut flour crepes. Don't these look heavenly - and they're gluten free. We're getting a little weary of eggs and toast around here so a batch of crepes might be just the thing this week! 

Loving the caramels, browns, grays and creams of this ensemble. Anthropologie rocks the fall wardrobe yet again

Isn't this illustraion by Julianna Swaney pretty? I often say this very thing - all will be well. I could do better at believing it sometimes, because it is true. 

What a room this is. The gray rug, gold coffee table, hints of green, pop of rhubarb and turquoise. It's pretty much perfect with that pale pink sofa as the star. It's elegant with a dash of quirk. That's what I want for my living room too... 


  1. Love this post, love your pics and your descriptions and love seeing a blog post from you! xo friend!

  2. Crepes with anything, delicious! I feel exactly the same on the cleaning front, when you factor in snacks and a greedy chunky baby who stalks his sister when so much as a plate is removed from the cupboard, I sometimes feel food dominates our lives. Not that I am complaining!
    Nelly x

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