Monday, April 5, 2010

Give Me Back My Boots

Lately, I've been having some vivid dreams. Last night was no exception. I would prefer that if my mind/subconscious is going to go to the trouble of producing these dreams, they at least be beneficial in some way - i.e. they help me realize something important about my life or help me heal a past wound - something useful like that. Last night's dream only made me realize that my abiding love for fashion boots runs deep - real deep.

In my dream, an unknown fashionista somehow managed to steal one of my favorite pair of boots. I knew she did it and confronted her but to no avail. I was terribly upset knowing I wouldn't be able to track down another pair because I bought them a few months back and my size (8.5) is always out of stock. Crisis!Finally, this mystery woman admitted guilt and returned my boots. Upon closer inspection, I realized that in the short amount of time she had my prized possession, she managed to stretch them out, scuff the outsides and wear down the heels. I was pissed. And then... I woke up. Not sure if there's some deeper meaning to this one? Seems pretty straight forward to me.


  1. Dreams are thing I do not like about Summer is that I can not wear my boots...hugs to you for a great week. xoxo

  2. love those boots... and I really like your easter post... hope you had a great Easter!new folower...

  3. That is totally hilarious! What a disturbing dream! How funny!


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