Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Finds - By Yours Truly

This post could be called "how Fern & Flora got their groove back." I've been grasping to find my groove and feel happy cutting and gluing and making things again. All of January, I was sort of in a funk with it - feeling uninspired. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm ready to saddle up Bullet (my crafting pony) and ride off into a landscape of cotton, beads and vintage baubles.

Anyway, so here are a few pieces fresh off the hand made band wagon. I have a few orders to fill from local boutiques (hooray!) and then I must take some time and refresh my wimpy looking Etsy shop. Sheesh. This is getting down right embarrassing.

Oh and before I forget - if you have a wedding or special event this spring and need a little something sassy for your tresses, I would be thrilled to a make a pretty little piece just for you - and don't you forget it.

Happy weekend.


  1. Well I must really are back in the groove...these are amazing!!!! hugs my sweet friend. xoxo

  2. what is going on here? I must say, you keep on amazing me after all the pieces you have made. These are fresh and new and different. I love the placement of the adornments. Very unexpected! Nicely done pal.


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