Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Finds: Needing Some Advice

A while back, I picked up this lamp base at a thrift store for $8 bucks or something. I liked the shape and the brassy gold accents with the soft olive green color. Now I need some help/advice on what sort of shade I should purchase...
I tried a drum shade earlier this week from Target but it was two small for one and the drum shape just didn't work. I think I need something that angles out....
And what about shade color? Black? Beige? Ivory? Something with a print? Do you have a favorite lamp source online? Thoughts and insights welcome.

Happy weekend dearies. Spring is just around the corner! Only 23 days until it's arrival...


  1. Hi sweet friend...hope your weekend is amazing. Gee..I am unsure...looks like you may need a large shade for this base...sorry not much help from me this morning...xoxoxo

  2. This is a little hard project but it will come to you. In regards to share I like the idea of Print better. If I find a helpful site I will forward it to you dear.

    Hope you are nice and warm in CO.



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