Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sending Love to Those in Need

Last weekend a bunch of women from the local task force for Love146 joined crafty forces to make candy necklaces, girly headbands and valentine's to mail to 15 girls recovering from trafficking in a safe house over seas. If anyone needs to feel loved, it's these girls. Some of them, as little as 4 or 5, are forced into sex trafficking and are held against their will with no hope in sight. It's a truly evil industry with devastating repercussions for the victims. Thanks to Love146 and other organizations, there is great work being done to combat human trafficking. Love146 puts a large emphasis on hope, healing, restoration and empowerment for those who are recovering from their experiences.

Each girl received a handmade headband...

... and a bubble gum necklace along with a valentine.

No valentine party would be complete without cupcakes.

Thanks to Rachelle who hosted and all the women who came to share some love with those young women in need of hope and encouragement.

Please visit Love146 for information on how to get involved and work towards justice and restoration.
It's also not too late to send a valentine to survivors! Click here to find out how!


  1. Emily - what a brilliant way of celebrating the day of love....I'm sure you made a huge difference to each and every recipient. To feel compassion and support from complete strangers must warm the soul, of only for a minute.
    fee x

  2. what a beautiful idea!! that will be so heart-warming and comforting for those poor girls to receive.

  3. Oh my sweet friend this is soooo wonderful...thank you for sharing...I will be praying for those poor girls. xoxoxo

  4. I love this idea. And I can tell exactly which ones you made. I have a feeling that these girls will be very blessed with these little gifts of happiness!

  5. what a beautiful way to bring happiness & hope to these little girls lives... doing things like this is what valentine's day really should be about! :)


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