Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fern & Flora Goodies and A Gorgeous Photo Shoot

I've got the blues somethin' terrible. Can't seem to shake it. I'm always drawn to shades of robin's egg, teal, etc. and if you ever stopped by for a visit, you would see the same hues all around my house. If you've got a hankerin for a blue fix, check out all the new shades in my shop. The gold and blue clutch is fresh as of today. 

In unrelated (but equally fabulous) news, I just saw some completely lovely photos from a shoot my friend Kayla and her mister Ryan participated in recently and they were too gorgeous not to share. The brilliant eye behind the camera is Minnesota photographer Kate Botwinski. Take a gander of them frolicking in the fields of Colorado with their vintage cameras right here.


  1. LOVE that shade - and that photo. (does it need to be said that I love a frolic in a field...with or without vintage camera?)
    fee x
    (your comment yesterday made cleggy laugh the loudest!!! 'who is this man'. Tell yours he just raised the bar on the neat wrapping!)

  2. Oh I love your blues.....wishing you a blessed weekend my friend. xoxo

    Cute photo too.


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