Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lovely is the Rose

We're back from another trip home and for now, all of our bright and brilliant siblings have graduated, much to our joy and pride. Next spring, we'll have a bachelor degree, masters degree and Ph.D to celebrate but in the mean time, it's good to be home and with the arrival of Memorial Day and therefore the sort of unofficial beginning of summer, I'm thinking about green and growing things - like the splendid garden rose. 

Garden roses are larger and more ruffly and organic looking when compared to the traditional hybrid that many florist use. That's probably why they're more pricey too. I'd love to plant some ramblers or climbers when we get a house and yard of our own and fill the house with them all summer long. Until then, I'm getting my garden rose fix from the little porcelain cups (above) that I found at a local antique shop a few years ago and Tokyo Milk's Gin & Rosewater candle. 

On a side note, if you're not familiar with Tokyo Milk, you should be! Beautiful packaging, gorgeous scents and products ranging from body lotions and candles to stationery and perfume, Tokyo Milk is based right here in Colorado and is a sister company to Lollia (sold at Anthropologie) and Love and Toast, whose roller perfumes (I'm in love with the Clementine Crush) are perfect for carrying around in your purse and applying at will when you need a little refresh.

Hope you're having a lovely week friends.


  1. Love roses so this post suits me great! :-)

  2. pretty pictures!
    i love tokyo milk perfume :)

  3. beautiful pictures - off to check out those links
    fee ♥
    (check out my todays post - visual heaven in the gift wrapping department)

  4. those photos of the garden roses are gorgeous!! they almost look like peonies. which i have yet to see this season! i am so eager to have some fresh ones in my house. i can't wait to have my own yard to plant peony bushes in one day! enjoy your memorial day weekend!!

  5. Such beautiful images my sweet friend...oh how I love pink roses...pure joy. Hugs.xoxoxo

  6. Oh I want to smell Clementine Crush now. Love that Tokeyo Milk and Lollia. {paper & cotton needs to be mine!} of course I am partial to roses because of my name. My favorite are now Garden Roses, thanks to you!


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