Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Market Recap

Well hello. Nice to see you. My blogging has been so sporadic lately with all the other life events going on (buying a house, a family wedding, my sis and nephews visiting) but at least I can say my priorities have been in the right place, eh? 

Despite the blazing, miserable heat, we survived the Horseshoe Market on Saturday and met some fabulous people and sold some stuff too. With temps in the high 90s though, the usual excitement wasn't there for me. It was more of an endurance test. Oh well. Lesson learned. No outdoor markets in August. Ever. Thanks though, to many lovely  friends who stopped by and cheered us with your presence (and purchases!). 

Now my attention shifts to the new house and the packing and moving of every last thing I own. 
Jesus take the wheel. 


  1. You did not let it show, let me tell you! It was such a pleasure meeting you there, you didn't seem like the heat was getting you down at all.


  2. I bet you looked super cool whilst melting!
    Nice to see you over at mine - and glad to hear that your lack of blogging is for good reasons not bad.
    I'm currently avoiding posting again as i don't know how to say that Coco got got by the fox. Now, that seemed easy but it's just me and you!
    fee x

  3. You did look super fabulous I must say, but yes, NEVER Again! Hope the packing and moving is going okay!

  4. Oh my friend...such sweet items and just look at how you display they all so pretty. I would have to buy the works!

    Happy moving...we are just now settling in..it does take a while. Painters are coming tomorrow...I need to be surrounded by White...right now it is beige..which is ok but white makes me soooo much happier.



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