Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Very Big Day

Celebrate good times - come on! That's right friends. It's a big day for us: 

1. Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary. (where does the time go?)
2. We are finally, really truly closing on our house today. Yes!!
3. My sis and little nephews are in town for a visit and will spend the night at our place. Sleep over! 

I think it's really sweet that Ike decided to buy me a house for our anniversary. He really outdid himself this year. Sweet man. Pictures will no doubt follow soon. 


  1. Cheers and congrats! its pretty incredible that your anniversary and closing happened on the same date! What a gift Ike got you sister! I am so happy for your guys! Have fun with Darby and the boys. What a day, eh?

  2. Wooohooo!
    Celebrations, all round.
    Enjoy your sleep over.

  3. congratulations x 3
    have a fab sleepover - not too many sweets!
    (ps telling cleggy that next year I want a house for our anniversary...)

  4. Thanks for all your well-wishes sweet friends. Means so much! xo


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