Thursday, August 11, 2011

Etsy Love: Larka Designs

Take a look at the charming and sweet accessories by Holly at Larka Designs. I was fortunate to get to know Holly a bit after we moved to Colorado and she is a lovely (and super cute) woman and I'm really happy for her new handmade goodies... 

This happy bear pin just kills me. Oh the whimsy!

Love this funky and sleek leather necklace. 

Holly also uses the screen printing process in some of her creations. I'm thinking there's not much she can't do... 
Check out all of her goodies right here (and buy some too!)


  1. This is just so cute - love it! :-)

  2. loving that happy bear - such amazing imagination
    fee x

  3. Oh my goodness..that bear pin makes me soooo cute is that. Thank you for sharing such joy. xoxoxo


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