Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Bee and Another Wedding

Where does the time go? I haven't posted on me ol' blog in over a week. How is everyone? Has your September been as hectic as mine? Yes? It seems like everyone I know is either moving, getting married,  having a baby, starting a new job, hosting company, traveling, etc. etc. At least we're all in the busy boat together, eh? 

The good-busy for me lately has been doing flowers for a couple of really lovely weddings for some really lovely couples. I posted pictures from Tim and Katie's wedding just below this post and last week, I had the pleasure of arranging flowers for Amber and Ryan, an incredibly adorable pair who had a pretty, fun, old-fashion-y feeling wedding on Friday night. From a food truck serving pulled pork and friend chicken, to homemade desserts made by the bride's family to live music and caramel corn party favors, all the details were there. 

For the flowers, I used deep purple stock, bells of Ireland, blue hydrangea, raspberry colored roses, viburnum berries, and a variety of greens for texture. The bride wanted a creamy and romantic bouquet, which I was more than happy to create. I was actually able to use something I've wanted to work with for a while - those gorgeous black-centered anemones. Swoon. They are never in season when I want them, so it was a real treat to use them.
 I also worked in Queen Anne's Lace, hydrangea, lisiathus, seeded euc and little hints of silvery lambs ear. Working with gorgeous product really makes the whole process so much more fun. Thanks for having great taste Amber. 

Congrats to the happy couple! 

p.s. I never seem to get pics of the couples and/or people in general when I post about these weddings. I'm always snapping away at the details and forget to capture the thing that matters most. Hopefully, I can snag some off of facebook or something and share them soon. 


  1. hey - lovely to see you at mine - and loving these wedding pics. The colours of the flowers are D.I.V.I.N.E
    yep to busy too - happy busy though!
    fee ♥

  2. the flowers are really pretty!
    september is flying by quickly isn't it?

  3. Wow that sounds fabulous. I love the table numbers, the menu board, the anemones. When are the in season, because that is when i need to get married! :)

    I love the idea of carmel corn favors too. I love carmel Corn. Love that the Steubens food truck was there. I am sure that Amber made a beautiful bride.

    Lovely job Em!

  4. Such beauty my sweet friend. xoxox


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