Thursday, September 29, 2011

Horseshoe Market Comin' Right Up!

Hello Friends! This whole moving-remodeling-while-working business has sort of sucked the life out of my blogging lately. Sorry about that. I will find my mojo soon, I hope, because right now, I'm not really feeling the inspiration... 

If however, you're looking for some inspiration, then stop by the last Horseshoe Market of the year this Saturday! 
It's gonna be another fabulous market and there will be food trucks serving up yummy stuff - I heard there's even a cupcake truck, so what else could you want? I will be there (although I'm paring down a bit this time) with my usual goodies along with Kara Rosenberry Company, so come see us if you're in the area! 



  1. as usual, wishing I was a few thousand miles closer! keep up with the home making - it will all be worth it. Forgot to ask earlier - did you get some outside space?
    fee x

  2. Hope you're enjoying your new home, somehow! It will all be worth it...
    What a great sounding fair. Alas, too far over the pond for me..

    Enjoy your weekend.
    PS A cupcake truck sounds a marvellous thing!!

  3. Hi my sweet are one busy bee. Hope all went well at the market! xoxox


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