Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Pretty Mountain Wedding

Last winter I was commissioned to do flowers for our friends Tim and Katie's mountain wedding. They are such a cool, easy going couple, I knew it would be a fun and casual affair - and indeed it was. Katie's aunt has an incredible acreage in Estes Park, so the setting was rustic and lovely. We wanted the flowers to look organic and kind of like they had been picked from a field, so I employed sunflowers, blue cornflower, delphinium, golden rod, mini daises and some textural greens. The couple met on a plane so they tied adorable paper airplanes in bright patterns to the umbrellas. 

After the ceremony and brunch, everyone was invited to stick around and play yard games like ladder ball, corn hole and bocce ball. My friend Kendra and I distroyed Ike and Kendra's friend Becky at ladder ball. I love beating my husband at anything really. In general, He's better at games than I am. Aren't the painted signs cute? 

The diversion of arranging flowers and celebrating with friends was a welcome one in the midst of moving/remodel chaos. Hooray for love on a plane!


  1. tee hee - I'm on here while you're over at mine (always makes me laugh a little too much!)
    Anyway, these pictures are adorable. I LOVE games and I LOVE a good (tasteful) wedding. Perfect day!
    thanks for your lovely comments - if the gypsies knocked today I'd be gone in a flash!!!
    fee x

  2. looks like a cool fun wedding! how neat to have met on a plane too :)

  3. oh you did a LOVELY job, as always. I love the touch of the airplanes hanging from the tables. Beautiful Em!

  4. This looks beautiful!
    I adore a good wedding- gives me a lovely smoooshy feeling inside!
    Love, love love those flower arrangements.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. you did an amazing job... as always!

  6. Emily! I'm so glad that you found my blog! We do have so much in common! I love the photos from this wedding---You did an amazing job! I'll have to check out your etsy account, and I'll be checking to see when you add a new wedding :]


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