Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scenes from My Baby Shower

My sister hosted the most LOVELY baby shower for me this past weekend back home. I got all choked up when I walked in the door and saw the dining room filled with fresh flowers, gorgeous food and the prettiest table settings. She really out did herself. The invitations were custom from this sweet Etsy shop and read "A little bird is joining the nest." Sigh. How cute is that??

While we nibbled on smoked salmon, goat cheese tapenade and fresh berries, all the guests filled out little letters to our baby. Each line was a fill-in-the-blank so people could customize their hopes and wishes for the little guy. 
Here's a sampling: 
I hope you get "to play in the rain."
I hope you laugh "so hard you snort."
I hope you become "a lover of books."
I hope you grow "up wise and humble."

Aren't those great?! My sister gave us the little nest book pictured above in which to keep all our baby letters. 
It was the most special afternoon for me and I truly felt showered by the moms, friends, aunts, cousins, grandmas and sisters-in-law who did so much to welcome our baby. 


  1. How sweet is all of that? I love the little letters to the baby. How sweet! and what a great picture of you and Darby!xoxo!

  2. Hello sweet lady,
    We don't have baby showers over here really - it's such a lovely thing to do! And yours looks divine - naturally.
    Hope you are keeping well and happy
    fee ♥

  3. What a beautiful baby shower you had! I love all the spring-y touches, so pretty! :)

  4. Awww, your sister did a beautiful job! How special. Your due date must be drawing close! How exciting!!


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