Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meditations on Bed Rest

What a week it has been. As of last Sunday, (with a too brief but lovely 24 hour period at home) I've been on bed rest at the hospital. I will spare you the preggo body details that caused this disappointing situation. Of course the most important thing is that our little baby is doing well and is obliviously kicking away in utero as I write this. My emotions on the other hand, are up and down and calm then panicked. I go back and forth between the two statements above about twelve times an hour. It seems completely surreal that I'm supposed to just stay put in this sterile room for the next few weeks, while at home, his nursery sits unfinished, his little onesies sit unwashed and the stacks of other things I was hoping to get done well before his original May arrival came to pass, won't be done. It's driving me crazy. 
Still, I am beyond grateful that little babe is alive and well in my belly and that my husband is a complete hero and continues to bring me food, offer reassuring words, help me into my jammies and sleep here on the dreadful sofa bed night after night. And there are other things too: 
- the kind but sassy fifty-something nurse, who feels kind of like a mom and always says the right things and is so sympathetic
- the visits of friends who bring food that's way better than the crap they serve here
- the giant window in my room that lets in nice light
- the loads of kind text messages and offers of help that keep coming in
- the stacks of movies that will keep me distracted 
- the time to sit and paint my toe nails or tweeze my eye brows. Goodness knows there won't be time for these things once the babe comes
- the ability to sit out side from time to time in the sun and not completely miss the arrival of spring

Get out and enjoy the weekend for me. Go for some ice cream or out for a walk or organize your junk drawers. Funny how our perspective changes when we can't do the little things we normally take for granted, isn't it? 


  1. Oh no! Hope you're ok - and glad little man is!
    Paint your toenails you say? I couldnt SEE mine by this stage, let along paint them (think this was more due to my humungous boobage than any baby!)
    Anyway - sending you lots of love. Hang in there and try to stay chipper...although some minutes may feel like hours it's all worth it to keep your precious bundle safe. And his mummy!
    Sending you a large squashy bosomed hug from across the water....fee x

  2. hey my friend. I am so very proud of how calm you are staying in this situation. I am anxiously looking forward to visiting you this weekend with a movie in hand and some pinkberry. Of course, anything else I can do, I will be happy to do. Maybe you need to have an army of your girlfriends go over sometime, wash those onesies and do some dusting for you while you are away. I am sure we would be able to figure something like that out. have a lovely day, or try at least!

  3. Oh dear one...sending you ooodles of is hard to sit still. But seems you do have your priorities straight and rest is such a good you say you will be busy once the baby comes...and all will be well..things will get done. Hugs and love to you. xoxoxxooxo

  4. Aw Emily. I'm sorry to hear this but so glas your babe is healthy. My thought are with you. Wish I could pop in with some homemade eats and say hello. I will say a prayer for you!


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