Monday, January 28, 2013

Downton Rant (spoiler alert: don't read if you haven't watched episode 4)

If you haven't already watched the latest installment of Downton Abby, better stop reading. If you have, can you believe last night's episode?!? OMG. Nooooo! Even my husband was in shock over Sybil's death! We were still talking about it over breakfast this morning.  She was the sweetest and most down to earth of them all.... 

And the scene where she dies??? Somebody DO something! The docs just stood there while the husband and mother wept and pleaded. I know they said nothing could be done at that point, but come on! They could at least pretend to look busy or something. It was too much. Lady Crowley was right about the family doctor knowing Sybil better. She should have demanded they take her to the hospital. I told Isaac last night that it seemed much ado about nothing when all appeared to be well after the baby was born. 

And then the scene where she says good bye to her "beauty and baby." I'm normally not a big crier when it comes to shows, but good grief. Plus, there's the whole new born component. Having been in the hospital for a month last year waiting for my baby to safely arrive, this episode struck a particular cord. And how sweet was it for the staff to band to together to make sure the baby had a nurse and means to be fed?? Ah. Broke my heart. 

And Thomas weeping the hall? That was an especially tender moment. He's such a scoundrel, but gosh, I actually felt something other than disdain for him in that moment. Anna even comforted him. I never thought I'd see that happen. 

And the scene where Mary and Edith console each other? Loved it. It's about time. Too bad Sybil had to die for them to show a little affection.

 What did you think? Did you cry too? 

Oh and I've never been more glad to have had my kiddo in the 21st century. Modern medicine does have its upsides for sure. 


  1. Love this post! I couldn't believe what I saw before my eyes. At all. It cannot be undone and I still cannot fathom it!!!
    I never thought one of the beautiful sisters would die. Sybil especially! Now I cannot wait for next week!

  2. oh my gosh, i could not believe it either!! did not see that coming! too sad, i will miss her a lot. what the heck? i really appreciated that moment with thomas too -- showed that he actually had a feeling, vulnerable side. sad, sad, sad.

    hope all is well with you lady!

  3. Hi sweet friend...I have never watched this show...I have heard soooo much about it though...I really need to start.
    Hope you are well...sending you oodles of love for this Thursday.


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