Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Craft Tuesday

I should have been crafting like a crazy crafting person all day, but no. I was tired. Had a cough. Snow is headed this way so I ran to the post office and picked me up some grapefruit so I could stay in tomorrow and not brave the cold just for fresh fruit. And instead of making headbands to beat the band, I sat curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and fresh whipped cream and watched ... figure skating. Weird, huh. The hubby is away and cannot protest so why not channel the inner 15 year old who was long ago obsessed with figure skating dream couple Gordeeva and Grinkov . And so I had a quiet night to watch whatever silly thing I wanted and ignore the mounds of work that needs to be done come this weekends holiday boutiques...


  1. I love the photo and I wish I would give myself more permission to relax. It's hard to do with the hubby and kids around. Good for you ;)

  2. Just wanted to write a quick hello! I read about you over at Gussy's blog adn feel like we are incredibly similiar!! I am an interior designer with a floral background!! I have always worked in my aunts flower shop and a year ago I worked for a floral designer while growing my business after we moved. I was getting readyto become her event planner when my business took off. I have always secretly wanted to have a floral design business out of my home!! How funy!! I love your headbands!! They are beautiful!!! Take a look at my blog and it would be great to hear from you!!!


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