Friday, December 18, 2009


When it's time to pretty up your packages for the holidays, I love to try unexpected color combinations and venture off from the traditional green and red. These funky and cheeful cards, tags and wrapping paper from UK based designer Caroline Gardner make sassying up the holidays a cinch.

Too bad they come from England and Christmas is just around the corner or I would be tempted to order a variety of these fabulous papers and have a gift wrapping party! (That is, if I had a nice lump of wrapping paper money sitting around. Hmmm. Perhaps this should be a new category in the ol' budget?)

Whimsical gift tags make the most adorable final touch.


  1. I have sooooo much wrapping to do (for the 3 kids) that I tend to rush right through it and I would just love to put the perfect touch on every present. But you know they'll just rip through the paper to get to what's inside. When they're older maybe.... ? :)

  2. While I was peeking at the blogs I follow, I discovered your blog through Maggie Whitley's(Gussy's) blog, she has a link to your Etsy shop, so I clicked to take a look and I just wanted to tell you that I just love your headbands! And if that is you in the pictures showing them off, then I also want to tell you that you are just lovely! I love discovering new shops on Etsy, seeing how people can turn something simple, like a bag or a headband and turn it into something beautiful. I have very naturally curly hair and headbands and hairbands are my go to item since I had my little girl 4 months ago. It is great to know that I can purchase one of your headbands and still be a stylish stay at home mommy, even if Izabella is the only one who sees me throughout the day! I will have purchase one of your headbands after the holiday's!

    Warm Winter Wishes, Meg


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