Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Kiddie Tree, Oh Kiddie Tree

I love the silver and frosty blue tree at my house, but there's just something endearing and sentimental about putting up the kiddie tree. Maybe your kiddie tree is THE tree at your house or maybe it's like the one I decorated with my mom yesterday - just a little fella in the corner of the breakfast nook packed with all the chipped, handmade and silly ornaments from many a childhood Christmas gone by. Poking through the boxes of ornaments from the last 30 years and thinking of dear grandma Clara who knitted those cute little stockings for her great grand babies (me!), or uncle Steve who picked up those goofy clothespin reindeer at some craft fair in 1987 and wrote my name and my sister's names on each one brings a wave of cheesy Christmas nostaglia that I rather like and look forward to experiencing year after year ...


  1. Those are the best ornaments! Love it :)

  2. love it too. how are you ?? i wish you a very lovely holiday season.



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