Monday, December 7, 2009

Smell This

I am in need of a new fragrance (I've been going frangrance-less for months now) and would like to request all three of these glorious sounding (and I'm sure smelling) fragrances from C. Keith Vintage for Christmas. Or really just one would do nicely. But which one? The Coriander Citrus sounds divine but then again the Heirloom Garden has hints of orange and verbena which must be sublime. And if the description of the scents aren't tantilizing enough, surely the fact that each product is made by hand, in small batches with charming packaging and natural ingredients will do the trick. The fabulous and ecclectic boutique I worked at a few years ago carried this line and all of their products are just heavenly and would make superb Christmas gifts.


  1. did excelsior used to carry this line? I love it! I think I need some too! Hello Bill?

  2. Yes indeed. I loved the products when I worked there. Just heavenly scents and adorable packaging. I & B need to saddle up the fragrance pony and get on it!


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