Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little spring in winter

I stashed a few left over blooms in a jar from an arrangement I made last April and snapped a picture of it not knowing then how it would make me happy on this bitter January night. It's snowing here and about 3 degrees or some such rediculous temperature. Perhaps it's warmer where you are - like 35 or dare I say 50? Apparently, most of North America is in a deep freeze at the moment. No matter. Anyone can get a lift from a little draping lilac and fragrant hyacinth regardless the temperature outside.


  1. So pretty! We are having quite the snow fall here! The kids are enjoying their extended vacation though! Stay warm!


  2. so pretty! Just made me feel like it is about 4 degrees instead of three! cannot wait for Spring with lots of peonies and dahlias!

  3. Just what I needed. I think it is -3 degrees as I write. Warmed me right up :)

  4. Glad I could bring a little spring time cheer to you girls!


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