Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's Special: The Lizzy with a dollop of sass

In addition to my other new years resolutions, I shall make an effort to carry my blog to new heights.  For me, this will mean blogging MORE. A very lofty goal, no? Ok, so it's not that lofty. But one thing I will be doing (and am starting today) is to feature a headband every week for your viewing (and purchasing??) pleasure.

Last week during the Valentine giveaway I co-hosted with Kara Rosenberry Co., I had several kind comments on the Lizzy headband. So here she is today - a big bunchy handmade rose with a dash of fushia velvet and a tarnished vintage button. Purchase Lizzy here and receive free shipping when you do!


  1. so super cute. I love this lizzie. She is a beauty!

  2. Beautiful! I love it!



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