Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper Love

Ever since I discovered the fabulous coffee filter garlands on artist Pam Garrison's blog, I've been a bit obsessed wth making things from tissue paper, coffee filters, paper doilies and whatever else I can get for a buck or two at Dollar Tree. (I know, not a local, mysterious or romantic source for crafting goods, but have you ever poked around in there? It's astonishing what nifty things reside on the messy shelves of Dollar Tree.) A mish mash of garlands, wreaths, vintage paper collages and even a baby mobile have come from this paper phase of mine.

Last week, I made 15 flower poms of various shapes and sizes for the launch party of a jewelry line. I'm sure you've seen something similar to these via Martha Stewart Magazine or online somewhere, so I'm going to boast in my ability to create something never before seen, but let me tell ya, they are easy to make and redicuously afforadable for the visual impact they provide.

Get yourself some tissue paper, twine and a good mini series from Masterpiece Theater ( I watched Wives & Daughters ) and follow these directions. Make them for a party or just hang them in droves over your bed or a single pom from a chandelier for a bright pop of lovliness.


  1. Those are beautiful!


  2. i've actually been wanting to make some of these - thanks for sharing the tutorial! and now you have me curious about my local dollar store.. i'm hoping treasures await!

  3. Oh hooray! Give it a go Megs and if you have the chance, send me a picture of your handy work.

    And happy hunting at your local dollar store. (Dollar Tree is my personal favorite and everything really IS $1!)

  4. great work, em. those are beautiful. and i like the masterpiece theater plug too. nice. ;)



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