Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fern & Flora Wednesday

If you're in my neck-o-the-woods next Saturday, the Art by Craft Market will be taking place at the very cool Museum of Contemporary Art downtown. Fern & Flora will be there along with Kara Rosenberry Co selling our products and enjoying our first ever show in a real, true art gallery. Pretty nifty.

Admission is virtually free (it's a penny - which I think we can all afford even during a recession) and one can browse the museum and view work of local artists on display and shop the craft market too. Christmas shopping combined with a cultural experience - what could be better?


  1. This is fantastic and quite an exciting opportunity! And a penny?! What time is the market open? I would love to stop by if I can rearrange my Saturday schedule a bit.
    I hope you and Kara have a successful day!

  2. how exciting! good luck and have fun!!


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