Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

Today I have to share with you a most tasty salad that I made last week, again from my Cooking Light magazine that the hubs kindly gave me. I'm sure he's ever so glad he did since he is reaping the benefits as I cook with abandon from its pages. 

Back to the salad. It's mighty easy but tastes gourmet with its dijon and apricot dressing, goat cheese and prosciutto. 

For the greens, combine arugula (my current favorite), Belgian endive and leaf lettuce.
Thinly slice a tart apple - I used Fuji but the recipe called for Granny Smith. Toss in some walnuts and add the dressing.

We devoured this salad along with bowls of creamy potato soup and crusty bread. It was a cozy fall meal to be sure!

Find the recipe right here


  1. I wish I was coming home to this today...I need some kitchen elves.

    Hugs. oxxoox

  2. ... thanks for resolving my dinner menu for tonight... looks marvelous!!!

  3. oh that sounds delish! I want to make this! Yes Please!

  4. that is my kind of salad. yumm! if only i could get my hubby to eat salad, argh!!


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