Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fern & Flora Wednesday: Something New

The other night my Horseshoe Market Pal and I got together to whip up something new to sell at the upcoming market. It took a bit of doing to track down some of the needed supplies, but seeing that we both live a midst mountains of ribbon, paper and vintage tidbits, we knew that creating these romantic and pretty candles would make a lovely (and easy to create) addition to our market offerings. Now I want to just sit and make them all day long. It was really nice to switch up the creative process and work with a different medium for a moment. And talk about a splendid gift idea. Oh yes.

The pretties shown above will be available for purchase at the Horseshoe Market as well as a plethora of note cards, hair accessories and vintage wares. It's going to be a spectacular market, so please come if you can! 


  1. these turned out so fabulous and were so much fun to make!

  2. as usual I wish I lived nearer! (as I imagine you would be inviting me round to presumtious is that!!!)
    they are too lovely...I too love switching mediums. In fact I haven't sone any real work for days as I'm hooked on crochet!
    happy new week
    fee ♥


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