Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom Lovlies

Just wanted to share these bathroom goodies with you that I happened across from Urban Outfitters.
We're in the midst of remodeling our main bath so I've got shower curtains and tooth brush holders and bath mats on the brain. I especially love that faded rose mat (only $34) and that gray and white chevron shower curtain 
(a mere $44). 


  1. gorgeous picks Emily!! I actually just came across that may on UO at fell in love! how exciting to be decorating your very new house!

  2. p.s. how did you make this pretty photo collage? do you have photoshop?

  3. beautiful montage - so tasteful.
    Hope you are well and rounding nicely!
    fee x

  4. i love all these items! do you think Ike will go for a gray and blush pink bathroom? I love that rug and laundry bag... So lovely! and the shower curtain is an obvious yes... !

  5. How I wish I had a pretty bathroom!
    Alas, I am tripping over a pile of plastic bath toys and soggy towels most of the time!
    One day.....

  6. These are such great finds! Love that little tea pot tooth brush holder!~


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