Monday, January 23, 2012

A Good Saturday

I was long over due for a day of shopping and brunching as well as some catch-up time with a dear friend, so 
Saturday we got together and enjoyed omelets and lattes and then did a little shopping. We came across some nifty goods: 

1. A pale pink doily-inspired tea pot (I've been needing a cute tea pot for ages now!) for $10 at where else, TJ Maxx Home Goods

2. Homemade-looking bath rugs with scalloped edges in the best colors also at TJ Maxx Home Goods

3. All natural and locally produced organic milk sold in lovely glass bottles found at a new market in my neighborhood. I'm not a huge milk person, but enjoy pouring a little cup out of the hefty glass bottle much more than I ever did with a plastic jug. 


  1. wow I didn't realize home goods had such pretty things! there is one only two minutes from my house, I guess I should check it out! glad you had some girl time. i also went shopping on Saturday with my mom and sis, but for antiques. it had been too long!

  2. we got some good stuff didn't we? I was inspired by your post and did a little post of my own! Thanks for a splendid day!

  3. Oh, I love the tea pot, so girly & pretty! :) What lovely finds!


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