Friday, January 6, 2012

Watch This!

Who else fell in love with Downton Abbey a year ago when it debuted on PBS' Masterpiece? We watched last January, waiting impatiently for Sunday night to roll around so we could get lost in the drama, plot, characters and language of this splendid series. Just this Christmas, we re-watched season one at home with my family in the evenings in preparation for season two which premiers this Sunday night. Those lucky Brits were able to watch season two this fall, which I knew. What I didn't know was that if you search around the web, you can find websites that allow you to watch all the episodes from season two - no waiting for Sunday nights! My sister told me she already watched all of the second season and so Ike and I did the same last weekend (when we should have been working on the house and being productive). And ah! Season two is just as fantastic as the first! Alas, we splurged and now we have to wait another year for season three...

Regardless of how you watch it - just watch the darn thing. It's the perfect winter series to throw yourself into once the holidays are over and there's not much to look forward to and you're looking for a reason to not take down the tree or do laundry. Watch Downton Abbey instead! PBS has season one all ready for you right here. But be warned, once you start, you won't be able to stop. Enjoy!


  1. OHHHH I love this series!I kept wondering when I could watch it again. I shall be going to this link and watching! thanks soooo much!

  2. Oh I will have to see if I can find in up here...sounds and looks lovely.
    Happy creative weekend....hugs to you. xoxox

  3. Oh, I've So got Downton Abbey on the brain! I just did a "Downton Abbey Hair Tutorial" on my blog :) I just love the clothes and hair....its all so romantic and lush. And the storylines, always something going on. Yeah...kinda obsessed at the moment ;)


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