Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Pick-Me-Up: City Floral

I have a little shelf looking underneath my kitchen window that was in need of some herbs so I ran to our best local green house last week, City Floral, to see what they had. I picked up some rosemary, basil, lemon thyme and mint. The real highlight though, was taking in the glorious azaleas in their smashing pinks, the primroses, kale, roses and cyclamen (on the top right) who like they're all ready for Valentine's Day. Talk about a pick-me-up, especially in the  dead of winter. Twenty minutes in the green house would be my preferred method of what designer Jonathan Adler calls "a prescription for anti depressive living." And it's cheap, if you can control your urge to buy one of everything while you're there... 


  1. Pure joy my friend....our snow has arrived...cozy but cold...those flowers are just what I needed today...hugs.

  2. Oh, I know! I just love seeing the first flowers of pre-spring coming into the stores. I saw tulips today at the grocery store! spring will be here before we know it!~

  3. these are lovely... ! I always love a good red and pink combo. thank you my friend!


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