Monday, September 10, 2012

Current Obsession: The Green Smoothie

I recently read a book on detoxing and healthy eating. While a lot of the stuff in there was a bit on the extreme side for me and mine, I've happily incorporated the recommended green smoothie into my daily routine. I throw in a mix of romaine lettuce, spinach, an apple, pear or peach (or a combination of those three) some water, a few cubes of ice and a few squirts of fresh lemon or lime juice. This is surprisingly tasty people!
It's not very sweet, but has a fresh, earthy taste and I'm pretty much addicted now.

Why I love this:

- Long have I wondered how to incorporate more veggies into breakfast, beyond onions and spinach in an omelet. I don't want to eat a salad for breakfast, but I WILL gladly drink down a smoothie. This solves my veggie dilemma in the morning. 

- This smoothie keeps everything in the digestive tract moving along nicely, if you get my drift. Enough said there.

- This smoothie is easy to change up. If you have a bunch off berries on hand and no apples or pears, throw 'em in there. Add celery, cucumber, kale - whatever greens and green veggies you happen to have on hand. Just avoid melon according to the original recipe. It makes things funky.

- My husband will gladly drink it, so I send half the mixture out the door with him every morning. Thank for being open-minded, Ike. 

- We just got a new blender last night to increase our smoothie blending power (hooray!) specifically for these  green smoothies. Our little cheap-o blender from 9 years ago when we got married just wasn't gettin' the job done. I made it this morning with our new blender and it was whipped up in the half the time and tasted twice as smooth and creamy as before. Jack pot. 

Here's the orginal recipe if you'd like to give it a try:


  1. Yay for a new blender! I'd really like to get one.. I'm not even sure if my blender could handle this. But I am going to try it anyhow..l would really like to get into the routine of it, it's so great for you!

  2. good for you... I don't know if I could do that first thing in the morning. maybe I will try it sometime. Kudos!


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