Friday, September 14, 2012

Flowery Friday: Delphinium

I know I say this about every flower I've posted about lately, but the Delphinium is truly one of my favorites.  I was so fond of it back in jr. high that when I got my very first email account my address was delphiniumgirl. I kept the address for so long that I used it as a contact for  job interviews in college (not super smart) and got chided by a prof in  front of my entire class  for keeping it because it wasn't professional-sounding. I was a dork, what can I say.

So back to the flower. Did you know:

- Delphinium symbolizes boldness

- The name derives from the Latin for 'dolphin' as its buds appear to resemble the aquatic mammals.

- The prime growing season for Delphinium is June and July and be sure to stake these beauties because they grow rather tall and tend to break or topple over in the wind. 

- The delphinium normally is found in shades of blue, ranging from light periwinkle to deep cobalt but also comes in salmon and light pink. 

Here I used individual delphinium blooms pulled from the tall stalks in this woodsy bouquet. 
White roses, pale blue hydrangea, berzillia berries, lambs ear, white roses, tweedia and plumosa fern were included too... 

Delphinium is often found in English cottage gardens. It seems to thrive in the cool climate of the UK. 

I'm loving this whimsical little bouquet by Portland based design Franciose Weeks

Bring some of the delphiniums incredible color in to your life with these... 


  1. Such a stunning flower and the shades of blues so brilliant are breathtaking.
    Hope you are well my friend...your little Oliver is adorable in everyway. xoxoxo

  2. I love this post delphiniumgirl. This explains alot about us because in Jr. high, I was subscribing to Home magazines and drawing house plans constantly. We come by it honestly, don't we? Love this post and love the beautiful delphinium.

  3. Flowers is the one of the most popular!


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